Friday, October 16, 2009


Fields of gold.

Model: Keisha B.

An old lady came into my work today took me by the hand and asked me to find her an outfit for her date. I gladly assisted her in finding the perfect shade of blue to match her crystal eyes, and a scarf with such deep beautiful colors as an accessory. Her eyes lit up, she thanked me, and I made her promise to come back in and let me know how her date goes.

It was a 'made me smile' moment.

Everyone should tell me a 'made for smile' moment you've had!


  1. aw..sorry I made you sad with my post. saw WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. I truly loved it. I'm not sure I know why. First off, Max Records is perfect for Max in the movie. This kid will get dramas. He reminds me of Lou Taylor Pucci. Anyway, Spike Jonze does captured childhood even in the wild moments. The scene with his igloo and the snowball fight made me think so much of my brothers and I when we used to do things like that. But I feel bad I haven't helped someone. Maybe I will this weekend. Thanks for reminding me.

    Love your photo much. & I'm so glad you helped that lady. Sounds like a wonderful outfit.

  2. @e.l. I haven't seen it yet, but I most certainly will be going on Monday! =D I can't wait!!

    And hey, who's to say you haven't helped someone? What if someone relates to your stories and that helps them? :)

  3. wowww I love the photo composition!

  4. gyaa your photo is so gorgeous ! and that story is lovely . it's so fun helping people but in a fun way . :) have a nice weekend !

  5. I have recently purchased a pair of distressed jeans for my son. This old lady behind me in the line was so surprised, she said, this was the state she would bin it.... (Do I have to say, lovely photo, again?)

  6. haha that's so cute x3 hmm.. i can't think of a made me smile moment.. yeah, the drawing niklas made for me. :D and he made another one: 'for lisa
    yes its for you lisa *happy* i draw this for you becouse you help me always *thanks'
    awesome bad english. i hope i'll meet all my online friends someday

  7. aww thats such a cute story! no wonder why it made you smile so much.

  8. What a cute story! Love today's picture.
    It always makes me smile when little kids come up to me and hug me or ask if I have candy to give. I can't resist them! They're so cute.

  9. That made me smile! Lovely photo for today.

    My make me smile moment this week was when I was directing a play at school (Aladdin) and the cast were singing I can Show you the world, it was so sweet! xo

  10. so, i just found your blog and i love it! your photography is amazing!
    my "made me smile" moment: stumbling upon this blog

  11. I love your story and the pic :)..I also love the last entry picture too!!

    Here's Make me smile moment.I have a ton kid related.I was putting Meredith to bed and she always willing goes to sleep at 8 everyday I always say "I love you, Mere" and for the first time I realized she understands what I mean when I tell her I love you and I hear back "I love you too, Mummy and blows me a kiss :) ♥"...

  12. Hii, nice photo! Have a fashion weekend! lol :)

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  13. i like your pics. ;)


  14. that is so sweet! i hope she had good date!

  15. it's a very cute story you've shared to us.
    i know it feels so good helping somebody.
    i just wish that her date went well.

  16. My little man calling a Halloween witch pretty cracked me up today. : )

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  18. the colors are pretty here. i like the wheat grain detail too (sorry for the juvenile critique ha ha) seriously though, i like the soft colors and focus of this