Thursday, October 15, 2009


Instead of me providing a title, tell me what does this say to YOU?

Thank you to all of the people who are following me, and all of the comments and support!

I've been asked to make this blog a little more personal by a few people, so I'll try to answer any questions that are asked. :-)

When you do choose your picture of the day, is it from a collection of shots you take during the day? Or something planned out...

Really it depends, sometimes I have an idea of what I want, or what feeling/emotion I want to convey so I work on capturing that. Other times, I just see random things that people seem to pass by, that I think should be recognized. The 'planned' out shots are usually my least favorite though, I'm a live in the moment type of girl. :)

Do people ask you to take their picture a lot?

Yes. I get a lot of people coming to me asking for me to do their pictures. I absolutely LOVE working with people, my favorite thing to do is to capture who they are, and what they love. Bringing out someone's personality in a photograph is priceless.

I'll answer more on the next blog! :-)


  1. Capture ME! LOL when I saw this I thought of what one does at night or in a emergency...look for the light in the dark...There's always an exit sooner or later right?

  2. THIS reminds me of the afterlife. also, leaving a movie theater. great shot

  3. Fabulous photos! i love photography!
    Your blog is amazing blog! ♥ love your style!

  4. Hey! My questions! Hehe I'd like to talk without playing comment tag, and yes I will be updating more I'm just in a move and can't get Internet. I'll update the best I can from the handy iPhone. :)

  5. I thought for a moment that the Exit sign was anchored to the wall, as opposed to the ceiling. And then I got a bit dizzy.

  6. love the personal getting to know you! have a great weekend.

  7. there-is-always-a-bigger-picture

  8. Great blog! Thanks for visiting mine - I'll be stopping here often. This kind of reminds me of quiet hotel rooms at night, where it's silent in the corridors but in every room there's a different kind of drama...

  9. i love how the colors are perfectly edited in alllll of your photos!!
    xx :)

  10. Love this photo! I love EXIT signs for some odd reason...
    Your editing is great, too.

  11. This is fantastic,
    it screams "end of the week" to me.

  12. @emily: Aw, it's alright. It was pretty cool. :)

  13. Can I just say I lovelovelove your header? Okay, just thought I'd put that out there ;P

  14. Cool photo. Ur a great photographer.

    Your blog is great :)


  15. what does the pic say to me?

    there is always backdoor out from this life, you always have that exit sign in the back of your head.



  16. strangely, even thought it says exit, i thought about ' no way out. ' i dont know why my brain thought that up but its a curious notion. fantastic though.

  17. this photo is absolutely amazing. to me it represents options. like sometimes when you feel bound in a certain situation, you must always remember you have a choice.

    lovely photograph. you definitely have a new follower :)